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Maintenance Notification - SAP CONNECT Upgrades APAC 2020-07-28 오전 12:26
SAP CONNECT is being upgraded from version 9.5.2 to version 10.6.2. During the maintenance period, SAP CONNECT web meeting services on the affected regional cluster will be unavailable. APJ: Start 31-Jul 23:00 SGT / End 1-Aug 22:30 SGT EMEA: Start 7-Aug 23:00 CET / End 8-Aug 20:30 CET NA: Start 14-Aug 23:00 EDT / End 15-Aug 20:30 EDT

제목 지역 수정(GMT)
Issue with accessing the Adobe Recording - APJ APAC 2020-08-04 오전 9:59
User will get the message while accessing the Meeting Recording " Your Content is currently being Processed. Thank you for your patience " The pieces of the recording (audio and web) are intact. The ‘processing’ issue pertains to Adobe reaching out to get the audio recording and synchronise it with the web recording. That is where the process is getting hung up, which results in the ‘content is currently being processed’ message. Resolver team working to fix this issue
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