タイトル 地域 修正(GMT)
SAP CONNECT Service Update NAM 2020/04/07 17:17
Certain carriers are experiencing higher than usual call volumes due to COVID-19. We are seeing some reported issues at the local carrier level out of Hungary, France, Italy, Japan, India, United States and some other countries. Workaround: If you experience an issue connecting, please try an alternate method, i.e. Dial-Out, Local Access (Toll) dial-in, or Toll-Free dial-in to route through a different carrier and connect successfully.

タイトル 地域 修正(GMT)
End users may intermittently experience disconnected audio. APAC 2020/05/01 14:58
Users connected to the conference using India access numbers might intermittently be drooped out of the conference. Workaround available :  Utilize dial-out from web meeting rooms (if applicable)  Utilize VoIP/Softphone/Call My Computer connection (if applicable)  Connect to audio using alternate access numbers  Reattempt dialling into audio conference
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