Q: What is new in version 9.5?

  • Version 9.5 includes the ability to download an offline recording in MP4 format.  When downloading an offline recording, you can now choose between MP4 or FLV format.
  • OfflineRecording.jpg, 25kB

  • The dial-out dialog box has been split into two separate fields.  The first is a drop down menu where you can select your country code.  The second field you will enter in your area code along with the rest of the phone number with no prefix 0’s.  (e.g. 6227712345).
  • JoinAudioConf.jpg, 19kB

  • When sharing your screen in version 9.5, you will notice a new Screen Share Control Panel.  This panel allows you to control various aspects of the meeting (chat, attendees, notifications, etc.) without having to stop what you are doing and return to the meeting room.
  • ScreenShare.png, 5kB

  • There is a new Filmstrip mode available when using webcams in the Video pod.  In version 9.5 you are able to select between the standard Grid mode or the new Filmstrip mode.
  • WebCam.jpg, 17kB

Q: Where do I find my conference details?

A: Go to the SAP CONNECT Portal at (with SSO enabled), click on the 'Manage Account' drop-down in the upper right corner and select 'Display Dialin Numbers' to find a complete list of all your conference dial-in numbers and passcodes.
Q: Where is my recording located and how long does it take for my recording to synch and become available?

A: Go to the SAP CONNECT Portal at (with SSO enabled), click on the 'Manage Account' drop-down in the upper right corner and select 'My Adobe Connect Meeting Rooms'. Click on 'Meetings,' click on the name of the meeting room your recording was made in, and click on the 'Recordings' link on the right. You will now see a list of the recordings made in that room. The process to synchronize audio in the recording can take up to 24 hours.
Q: How do I share recordings?

A: For SAP CONNECT recordings, you can send out the URL for Viewing for the recording, which will allow people to see and hear the replay on their computer. See 'How do I manage permissions to view my recordings?' in All Frequently Asked Questions > Recordings FAQs for further information about permissions for viewing. For audio-only recordings done using the *22 recording feature, the host will receive an email shortly after the end of the meeting with the playback details. Simply distribute this information to anyone that missed the meeting and would like to call in to hear a replay. Audio-only recordings are available on the system for 30 days.
Q: How do I disable the tones when a participant joins my meeting?

A: You can change your phone conference account from entry & exit tones to silent entry & exit either by pressing *39 on your phone when you are in your meeting, or by using the self-service PGiMeet website. The *39 feature can only be used by the Host of the meeting, and it will turn on/off tones when an attendee joins or exits. The PGiMeet website is available by selecting 'My Audio Conferences' from the Manage Account drop-down on the SAP CONNECT Portal. Here are the steps to disable the entry & exit tones:
  • From the Home page, select My Profile.
  • Click on View Audio Accounts.
  • Locate the audio conference account you wish to change and click on the pencil & paper icon next to that conference to edit it.
  • Click on 'Conference Options' and make the changes from Play Tone to Silent Entry and from Play Tone to Silent Exit, or whatever combination you desire for your meeting.
  • Click the Save button to save your changes.
  • Please Note: This change must be made prior to the start of your meeting. Changes will not be effective immediately for a meeting that is already in progress.