Title Region Modified (GMT)
New SAP CONNECT Dial-in for India APAC 10/31/2017 8:50 AM
Please be aware that there are new SAP CONNECT number changes for India. Listed below are the new India numbers: New Access Number Location 1800 3002 1159 India, ITFS +91 80 6760 8708 India, Bangalore +91 44 6310 0216 India, Chennai +91 11 6310 0253 India, Delhi +91 124 391 8900 India, Gurgaon +91 22 6310 0256 India, Mumbai If you have scheduled SAP CONNECT meetings on 9th December and beyond, you must update your meeting calendar invitation with the new SAP CONNECT phone numbers for the ease of your attendees from India. The new India access numbers will already be reflected in “Display Dial-in Numbers” when you log on to the “SAP CONNECT Portal”. Please contact SAP CONNECT - Customer Service if you encounter any issues.
China Access Number Only - Prompt Change APAC 11/4/2016 1:37 PM
Due to China regulatory requirements, at this time, prompts on China access numbers will change to the following prompt tonight; 'Hello and welcome to the meeting, please enter your passcode' There is no impact to connectivity on the China Access during or after the change.

Title Region Modified (GMT)
Audio Connectivity Issues On Philippines Toll Number APAC 3/14/2018 4:36 AM
End users may experience connectivity issues when dialing Philippines, Manila local number. As a workaround SAP Connect Users may opt to utilize the Philippines toll free access number, dial-out from web meeting rooms.
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