SAP Connect Phase Out by June 15th

Add to Calendar for Meeting Invitations

On March 31, 2012, a new Add to Calendar feature was added to the Display Dialin Numbers page. The Add to Calendar feature allows you to easily create a text-based calendar invitation for your SAP CONNECT session. From the SAP CONNECT Portal, select Manage Account > Display Dialin Numbers. Select the dial-in numbers you would like to include in your invitation. After selecting either the Display in HTML or Display in Text option, you will see Add to Calendar at the bottom of the page. Click on Add to Calendar to create an .ics calendar file. Update to the appropriate date and time, change the subject if you would like, add the people you want to invite, and send.
When dialing internationally from within your SAP CONNECT Meeting

Select your country and enter your telephone number in the Join Audio Conference box. Click the Join button.

When your phone rings, answer it. You will be greeted by an automated prompt and will be placed into the conference.
SAP CONNECT support in seconds

If you experience a problem with audio or web while on a SAP CONNECT conference call you can press *0 to reach PGI support. This is the quickest and most effective method to resolve a problem and is always available. Please note that pressing *0 will not disrupt the conference and anyone connected to the audio session can use this feature. A technical support representative will temporarily remove the person that pressed *0 from the conference to speak with them privately and determine how they can be of assistance.
Participant Limit

tip2img.gif, 14kB SAP CONNECT is an automated, on-demand service with a limit of 300 participants. If you need to conduct a conference call with over 300 participants, please click on the Schedule Large Conferences link, or contact the PGi Support team in your region to make a reservation for an operator-assisted call.
Recording with SAP CONNECT?

If you want your recording to include both phone conference audio and web visuals, you must start the audio conference in the SAP CONNECT meeting room (select Start Meeting Audio in the Audio menu) before you start to record. This will integrate the phone and web portions of the meeting, so that both will be in your recording. For more information on recordings and setting permissions, please see additional resources on the Video Tutorials and FAQ's pages.
Permissions for Meeting Rooms and Content Folders

tip4img.gif, 11kB If the permissions for a meeting room or content folder are set to public, then anyone on the internet who has the URL can enter the meeting room and/or view the recording. This setting should not be used for meeting rooms or content folders with confidential or sensitive information.
Tips for Cost-Saving

Read more about the most cost-effective way to use SAP CONNECT — click here (only available from within the SAP network).
Mute and Un-Mute

To eliminate background noise, echo, feedback or music during a call, mute the lines of all participants. Hosts can do this by pressing *96. Participants can unmute or mute their lines by pressing *6. Need to answer another call while you are on a conference call? Press *6 before placing your line on hold to avoid playing music into the conference.
Mute All Participants

The Host can press *96 (star, nine, six) to mute all participants in the conference call. Having a large meeting with lots of background noise? Has someone placed their line on hold, and now they are playing music hold into your meeting? The *96 command can help. This command is only available to the Host, who has dialed in using the Host Passcode. After pressing *96, you will hear a prompt asking if you would like participants to be able to un-mute their lines — press 1 for yes, or press 2 for no.
Meeting Room Cleanup

tip6img.gif, 9.0kB As with a normal meeting room, you have to tidy up before you leave. In your virtual meeting room, any information you type in the Notes pod should be deleted or saved. If you don't do this, your notes will still be visible when you next enter the room.
Desktop Sharing vs. Application Sharing

tip7img.gif, 8.5kB When sharing, share only the document or application that is required to avoid accidentally disclosing information you do not wish to be seen. If you need to share your Desktop to seamlessly move from one application to another, it is best practice to disable your IM and exit Outlook, so that sensitive messages are not seen by others.
Dial-In vs. Dial-Out

tip8img.gif, 14kB Audio conference participation via the caller paid dial-in number is normally cheaper than the "call my phone" dial-out option. "Call my phone" is however more user-friendly because no dial-in number or access code is required.
Making Someone a Presenter or Host

If you want to give Presenter or Host rights to a participant, either click and drag them from the Participants area to the Presenter or Host area in the Attendees pod, or mouse-over their name and select Make Presenter or Make Host.

Getting Started Meeting Security Tips
Security Codes Connecting Audio
Audio Controls Recording Meetings
Editing Recorded Meetings Sharing Applications
Sharing Presentations Viewing Options
Custom Meeting Room Sharing Files
Using A Webcam Managing Audio

"Please note that it is possible to record a meeting for later playback. You are obligated to notify other participants if you wish to record this meeting yourself in order to comply with applicable data protection and privacy laws. YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO RECORD A MEETING IF A PARTICIPANT DOES NOT CONSENT TO SUCH RECORDING. It is recommendable to obtain such consent in written form (i.e. via email or in the record itself)."

Privacy notice: "Polls are not anonymous so participation is strictly voluntary."

Privacy notice: "Any content or chat you enter into a room, where you act only as a participant, is completely out of your control and at the control of the meeting room owner."

"SAP CONNECT should not be used for personal use as the costs are charged to the employee's cost
center each time the system is used."

Please use the link below that pertains to your region when testing connectivity

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